Luigi Miglioranza, based in Sesto Calende, in the province of Varese, is a company that has been operating for over 30 years in the production of dies for sheet metal processing. All items, including progressive dies for cutting, are carefully designed, in full compliance with the instructions of the customer and made by working with numerical control machines. Among the various products made for the sectors of the manufacturing industry, such as the automotive, aerospace, food, household appliance, motorcycle and lighting sectors, progressive dies are use. That refers to those dies and punches used in plastic cutting, boring and deformation in several steps, known as the progressive blanking. It will be immediately evident that these dies are complex elements to obtain, both in the design and the production stages, since every detail requires a complete knowledge of the whole process.For any additional information on progressive dies, you can contact the company team on this number 0331923375.

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