The drawing dies are fundamental in the completion of sheet metal processing. The procedure is, in fact, called deep drawing, which consists of a plastic deformation of the material that enables the production of objects characterized by deep cavities (such as cans and pots), obtained by pressing the sheet metal inside a die. It is clear, therefore, that the production of drawing dies has a decisive importance, especially if you want to achieve high standards. It is therefore necessary that a company actively makes these dies able to reproduce the characteristics required by the customer down to every last detail. Luigi Miglioranza is a company based in the province of Varese that has been operating for some time in this area. To complete their orders they must use innovative CNC machinery. Due to this machinery, our customers receive the absolute guarantee of having a perfect match between the results and the desired project. Among the main processes carried out by the company there are elements of moulding, but also products for sampling batches or larger batches using blanking and drawing for third parties.

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